Photos from back THEN & NOW...
Gina & Family
nan & el....having a Martini......YUMMO!!
Go Tigers GO.......
Tigers #1
Our Junior Prom
Homecoming Queen (Elida Reyna)
Diana Perez, Gina Aguilar, Nancy Reyna, Cindy Salinas & Letty Rosas @ SR Class Meeting!!
FFA Members-Noemi Zavala, Gina Mendoza (Sweetheart), Billy Pinkerton, Julie Castillo & Nikki Sandoval
Graduation Night - Jaime Hernandez, Nick Gracia, Cindy Salinas, Letty Rosas, Fatima Gonzalez, Elida Reyna & David Carrasco
Graduation Ceremony - Michael Salinas (Valedictorian), Roy Rios, Ralph Galvan, Juan & Fidencio Robledo....
Graduation Ceremony - Michael Salinas (Valedictorian), Roy Rios, Ralph Galvan, Juan & Fedencio Robledo....
Top 10 Seniors - Michael Salinas, Neena Lorenzana, Rose Linda Renteria, Robert Cantu, Paul Rodriguez, Oscar Solis, Denise Elizondo, John Wallace, Julie Castillo & Laura Cavazos
Mr. MHS - David Chacon & Miss MHS - Diana Cuadra Class of 1990
Prom King - Nick Gracia & Prom Queen - Julie Castillo
Nancy & Elida with our friends Letty Flores & Pat Noriega....
Nancy and Gina trying to work on our Class Reunion!! LOL!!
Juan Garcia and Nancy Reyna hanging out at his house in Dallas......(family bbq)
Mr and Mrs Juan Garcia
Elida and Nancy hanging out at the Mustang Lounge...
David Chacon jamming out at Pepper's!!
Eloy Hernandez (RIP) We Miss you dearly!!
Jesse Garcia
Billy Ray Smith
Hanging out at Michael Closner's house....
Smile for the Cam....
Our Sr. Play....
Junior High...1985 in Mr. Tolentino's class!
Michelle Garza and Michelle Riojas with us at one our RC meetings........planning away!! LOL!!
Nancy Reyna and Norma Cantu at a RC Gina's house looking thru our Sr Yearbook........ =)
Nancy Reyna, Michelle Garza, Norma Cantu & Gina Aguilar at one of our Reunion meetings......
Mr & Mrs Ruben Riojas (Michelle Gonzalez) and their beautiful kiddos!!
Natalia & Justin Closner, Leyla Reyna & Tricia Noriega..the kiddos just hanging out at home having FUN!!
The Drill Team....Mercedes Debonnaires.....
It's Dance time.....
Body Rock.....LOL!!
Getting ready to DANCE at one of our home games...marching to the field.....
Michael Closner with his kiddos - Natalia & Justin Closner......
David Carrasco and Nancy Reyna out having a cocktail.......
Leonor Chapa and her lil Angel.....
David Carrasco just CHILLIN......
Leonor Chapa
Cindy and Nancy just hanging out by the lockers....
David Chacon and Nancy Reyna at Pepper's....David jammin out!! David was working but I got a quick photo with him..... =)
Mr & Mrs. Abel Ramirez
Elida/Nancy----Hanging out @ Chili's with Abel & Mel!!
Noemi Zavala & Nancy Reyna in SA!!
Noemi Zavala, Nancy Reyna & Letty Flores in San Antonio.....
Noemi and her two beautiful daughters.....
Michelle G. Riojas with two of her children......
Letty Flores & Nancy Reyna just CHILLING!!
Nancy-Letty & Elida.....
Tiger Pride
me (Juan Robledo)
Gina A. Ramirez & Nancy Reyna
Pretty Mimi.....
Aurora Garza & Mito
Roxanne & Eddie
Mark Reyes
Sofie Flores & Ed.....LOL!!!
Melinda Sosa
Nora Mae Abrego
Isabel Mascorro
Joseph & Rachel
Juan Garcia
Roberto Gonzalez and son(Jr.)
Erika (Howell) Faubion's husband Michael and their sons Erik, Noel and William
Erika with her son William
Rudy and Michelle Cisneros
Erika and her husband of 15 years Michael
Not the Erika you all may remember hahaha
Carlos Guajardo and my little ones (John David & Carlos Daniel Guajardo)
Me and my youngest son (John David Guajardo-4) having a great time at a birthday party.
Carlos Guajardo & family (Mary Lou, Carlos Daniel-8, & John David-4)
Mayra & Family
Mayra & Family
Nancy Reyna and Cindy Salinas
Johnny Gonzalez and Christina Rodgers
Juan & Debbie
Nancy Reyna performing @ pep rally... Kickin' It Up!
Key Club
Senior Play
Class of 1990
MHS Physics Class
MHS Luau Dance
MHS Girls Next Door :o)
Noemi, Nydrah & Ney'D Zavala
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